• Juan Karlos

COVID-19: Who Has Lower Chance of Surviving?

We have to bear in mind that we are not fighting a small type of illness. Due to a rainy day, this isn't like your normal cold. Out of annoyance, this isn't common cough. We face a kind of illness that spreads rapidly and targets all people regardless of their living status. A kind of illness that still has no cure. An illness you will only use your immune system to fight. So if you're among the defenseless, you might be considering taking extra precautions.

Based on the World Health Organization statement, older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, a respiratory illness may be at higher risk for more serious complications of COVID-19.

When we get older, as much as we like it or not, our immune system becomes weaker and weaker than it was when we were young. Older people may become more vulnerable to some type of illness. The COVID-19 statistic shows that the death rate of the virus is higher for groups 50 years and older. As you can see right there, we can safely assume that our elderly are very vulnerable and that they may have a lower chance of surviving this viral condition if they get infected.

As for people with underlying disease(s), we could look at it in an analogous way. If you're at the battle, and your army or groups are busy defending themselves from enemies fighting in front of you, some enemy groups could come from behind and pulverize all of you. Like having an underlying condition, you can count on your lymphocytes, cells that fight disease in your body. Imagine that your cells are busy fighting what you've already been suffering for now, and then COVID-19 sneaks from behind. What's going to happen? You 're going to be overwhelmed right?

This is why as much as possible, these people should stay at home and be extra careful to avoid the larger impact of this pandemic. Stay safe out there!

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