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Preparing for Knee Surgery

Actualizado: 10 de ene de 2020

Congratulations on making the big decision to have your knee replacement surgery. You’ve taken a huge step to a much-improved standard of living, with greater mobility and less pain!

But there is a lot to get done between now and your surgery. You’re going to need to make some major preparations at home to be ready for a long recovery. There will be significant pain, and your preparations will make all the difference in the world in reducing that pain. Furthermore, a slight trip or fall can cause major setbacks to your recovery. So, you need to take every precaution to prevent trips and falls.

Home Modifications

You’ll need to install handrails and a waterproof chair in your bathroom and shower, for a start. This is common place for accidental falls, especially for people with limited mobility.

Another popular recommendation is to install a raised toilet seat. This fixture adds height to your toilet seat to spare you the agony of deep knee bends and lifting yourself again, afterwards.

Installing a ramp to your front door may also be a good idea. That’s especially the case when there are a lot of steps between street level and your entryway.

Other Adjustments at Home

Some other recommended preparations include picking up anything that might be a tripping or slipping hazard. These can include throw-rugs, extension cords and even some small furniture items. Remember, things that would normally be easy to navigate around will be more difficult when you’re not walking well.

Do you have a place to sleep on the first floor of your house? Climbing the stairs will not be an option until your healing has progressed significantly. So it’s best to prepare a temporary sleeping area downstairs.

Help and Support

You will need to find someone to help you with meals, too. Knee replacement is a major surgery, and standing in front of a stove for long periods while cooking is not recommended. At least, it isn’t recommended until you’ve healed. Additionally, you will have to arrange for longer-term physical therapy.

How about transportation? Remember, you won’t be able to drive again for a while. Generally, it takes about four weeks to reach a level of recovery that will allow you to get back behind the wheel of your car.

You must also consider temporary nursing care. Who is going to help care for you while you are healing? Chances are that even your spouse will have to go to work while you are at home, recovering. And you will need more help than you can imagine in the early days of your recovery.

A Better Solution

Thinking about all of those preparations and questions to be answered can be dizzying and overwhelming. But there is an alternative answer to all of these preparations. Have you considered medical tourism?

For as little as 21 days in near-by Mexico City, you can have your surgery, in-patient care and the initial stages of your physical therapy. Then you can return home, completely rehabilitated – all while saving money.

Joint Replacement Center by Ortomedica is a modern, state-of-the-art surgical facility with highly experienced, professional surgeons. In addition, they have a complete physical therapy department to help you recover and get back on your feet quickly. And their medical concierge service can guarantee that there will be no language barriers, and nothing lost in translation.

By choosing Joint Replacement Center, there will be no need to make expensive, temporary modifications to your home. You won’t have to install a ramp or hire a nurse. And there will be no need to fear climbing those stairs to your bedroom every night. Joint Replacement Center already has everything you need, set up and in place for patients with exactly your kinds of needs.

Furthermore, their healthy lifestyle center includes staff dietitians who can keep you on track for your weight loss goals, all while eating high-quality, satisfying meals. This is an important step in speeding up your recovery and ensuring that your prosthetic knee will have the longest-possible, useful life.

And the best part may be the pricing. You can save as much as 60% on the surgery alone! With the money you save, you can go out and explore Mexico City, a fun and modern city with a fascinating culture and lots to see and do. You’ll get a mini-vacation and a life-changing surgery, all in one trip!

So, now that you’ve made the decision to have your surgery, why go through the stress and hassle of doing all the preparations yourself? Contact Joint Replacement Center today, and let their highly professional staff do the work for you.

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