Self-love and Meditation

Negativity of thoughts and doubt to yourself is easy to be embodied within ourselves. Deep inside we have insecurities and lacking that lies underneath us, we feel like we are not worthy of love due to idealistic society that we must be “better”. Those what we call ‘better’ is to be thin, happy, rich and smart. We never often think that we are already enough of who we are.

We even think that we are not worthy of affection that accumulates the absence of “self-love”, tragic isn’t it?

There are thoughts in our mind criticizing us, saying that we will never achieve success and happiness. But, my yogistic sensibility made me pause what I am doing, take a rest and breathe. Certain times makes me decide to grab some burgers and chips and wallow them; The negative thoughts still loops in and it takes another cycle of time to recover, which always takes longer.


There are plenty of ways to make ourselves happy and manifest self-love. We can read uplifting literature like poems, quote and any other inspirational tools to uplift ourselves. Try some activities like trekking and mountain hiking with our friends, reach a friend or a therapist for support. A lot of people nowadays personally discovered meditating on self-love through yoga makes them feel reconnected within themselves, and I can personally testify that it’s true and it truly made me feel better.

Meditation allows me to see that thoughts in our mind are temporary; they simply come and go. When I take a break and step back, I can see that any negativity I feel is temporary.

Instead of being harsh to yourself and get caught in a middle of “unworthiness” storyline when you face self-doubt and lack of self, just breathe and use this meditation to remind yourself that you are worthy of love and compassion, even if you can only do that for yourself.

When you think that you are ready, take a few more deep, mindful breaths and then softly open your eyes. Sit for a few moments to acknowledge the certain experience you had during the meditation you made. This is a beautiful opportunity to learn something new about yourself and tune into your physical and emotional needs. Let self-love enable you to build a stronger relationship with yourself and allow you to show up more fully in your life.

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