• Juan Karlos

Tips and Benefits of Fitness Walking

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. Besides, it's cheap and easily accessed, it also affects a lot of your body parts mainly building up your muscles and strengthening your joints.

But it is very vital to know how to properly do fitness walking. It involves discipline and could magnify the results in our bodies.

Below is a list of tips to think of before starting to walk to be fit:

1) Before starting a walking program, check with your doctor

2) Invest in good shoes

3) Always warm-up

4) Pay attention to your heart rate and breathing

5) Use good walking posture

6) Consider getting a pedometer

7) Tracking your steps

8) Be sure to carry water

9) In the heat of summer, don't forget to wear a hat with a brim and to apply sunscreen to exposed areas.

10) Vary your route if you're getting bored

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