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What is the best way to start a healthy lifestyle?

Starting a healthy lifestyle can seem like an overwhelming task. You’re literally talking about changing the way you live, giving up habits you enjoy, and beginning activities that you dislike. How do you get started, and how can you make your effort sustainable?

There is no shortcut or easy way out, but Terapias Elite can help you get started.

The first piece of advice we can offer is to start gradually. Unless your doctor has prescribed an emergency weight loss regimen, there is no reason to force yourself into instant transformation. In all likelihood, that kind of effort will fail, anyway. Starting a healthy lifestyle is about changing habits, and that takes time.

Start with small changes in your diet. Set limits and restrictions you can follow. An example might be skipping dessert and sweets for a whole week, or eating at least one meal a day with vegetables only. Then, gradually increase your standards. That way, you have time to find the kinds of healthy food choices that actually appeal to you.

Some people feel panicked when they think about starting physical exercise. But if you’re out of shape, nobody expects you to be running a marathon anytime soon. Start by getting outside and doing any physical exercise you enjoy. That might be nothing more complicated than walking in your neighborhood. But, as a rule, you should feel your heartrate increase. And, breaking a sweat won’t kill you, either. Just like with your food choices, you should gradually increase your activity as your body adjusts to the changes

Lastly, if you smoke, it’s time to quit. Tobacco is not part of any healthy lifestyle. If you need help, talk to your physician about ways to control your cravings.

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